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Jewish holidays gifts

Jewish holiday gifts

Shop Jewish holiday gifts appropriate for all the Jewish holidays around the calendar. Jewish holidays require Judaica and an appropriate opportunity for a gift giving meaningful Judaica to family and friends.

Jewish Calendar

Rosh Hashannah : We send gift baskets, Rosh hashannah cards, wear a kittel, buy a shofar, invest in machzorim and wear a new tallit, tallit bag, and kippah. Rosh Hashannah honey , honey dishes, blessings and tableware is an absolute must. Yom Kippur is an extension of the high holidays and a kittel and machzor is a requirement.

Sukkot is the holiday of Tabernacles. We sell Sukkot, Sukkah walls, Sukkah decorations, the arba minim – a lulav and esrog with haddasim and aravot freshly packed and shipped UPS. You’ll find wonderful gifts such as esrog / etrog boxes and Jewish holiday gift challah covers.

Hanukkah gift store: Find electric menorahs , modern and display menorahs. Dreidels galore and a whole slew of wonderful Hanukkah gifts and gift giveaways.

Purim store: Purim graggers, Purim Boxes and Purim costumes and gifts.

Passover store: Passover Seder Plates, Matzah Plates, Shmurah Matza, Passover tableware.

Shavuoth Store: Torah scrolls, Children Torah scrolls and Sifrei Kodesh.

Shabbat Gifts : The Sabbath – supplies and gifts an absolute must and practical sets of products.

Kosher Gift baskets for the Jewish holidays and Events

Kosher baskets available to ship for all Jewish events and Jewish holidays. We special ribbon each basket and supply the gift goods of food ideal for the holiday such as honey for rosh hashannah and appropriate items for a shiva basket and more.