Jewish Jewelry – Star of david, Kabbalah Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry

Shop our Jewish jewlery store for fantastic gift giving ideas. We carry star of david necklaces, hamsa , amulet and charms, Jerusalem jewelry, kabbalah jewelry and a whole lot more. Our Jewish jewelry selection is not only gorgeous and by superb Jewish artists around the world, but it is most affordably priced to make it look you spent a whole lot more than you really did.

Styles of Jewelry

Star of david pendants are perhaps the most popular. A star of david pendant necklace is a classic gift and oh so beautiful. Available in gold and silver modern and classic with and without stones you’ll find a style you’re sure to love wear and cherish for a lifetime. Shop a star of david pendant necklace here.

Hamsa Jewelry is another popular choice. Often termed the lucky hand is a 5 or 3 finger and palm charm or amulet pendant that is said to ward of the evil eye and bring good luck the wearer of this charm. Popular among sephardic Jewry from the middle east and north African countries of Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and others. Shop online for the latest designs of Hamsa Jewelry here.

Kabbalah Jewelry is mystical in nature. This is perhaps even more popular than the above two. Hebrew letters permeated in ancient codes to release energy and blessing for the wearer. Be it financial success, marriage, fertility, health etc. there is a mystical pendant you’ll want to shop for here.