Ner Tamid Light

Ner Tamid – Eternal Ark Light
Ner Tamid - Eternal Ark Light

Ner Tamid For Sale - Eternal Light for Temple Synagogue

The Eternal Light Lamp is a Synagogue Furnishing that is placed above the Ark Parochet and is always Lit. It is reminiscent of the Beit Hamikdash of which God commanded that there shall always be lit a fire on the Mizbeach Alter. You'll find our Eternal Lamps are spectacular in Selection price and value. Using our Glass Blown Color Chart customize your color Glass on Eternal Lights. For Custom Eternal Lamps please call us. Each piece can be adjusted to your choice of color and height. So if you see a design but want it with a different glass color or base, please call us or orders online and leave a note during checkout.

We are experts with synagogue furnishings for your Torah ark. We specialize with artists to make specialized Synagogue furnishings. Shop with confidence and add to your cart and at checkout add your notes in the "Notes Box" and we'll follow up with you to make sure we create and design the exact synagogue Temple lighting you want. For example, we've changed a certain style to cedar wood or olive wood or have cut the height by length of chain and height of the cup with a shortened end decor of glass.
Our more classic designs in brass and metals are exquisite in contemporary and classic designs. Dedication plaques can be ordered separately for any of our designs to be hung from the lantern. We can turn around an order in as fast as a week to some more custom work taking longer. All lamps arrive with bulbs. The brass ones are wired for your country but may require a plug change upon arrival. Chains included where shown. is a premier Jewish gift store providing the highest level of quality Jewish gifts for every ocassions from the top Jewish artists in Israel and around the world. Click the link above to shop our Ner Tamid - Eternal Ark Light department with a price, quality and service guarantee.